13,000 TiE Global Entrepreneurs to Be Linked Through Mobile by TrueFinancial™

TiE Global continues to add value for it's members and is proud to announce a new partnership with TrueFinancial Technologies to build a TiELink app. The app will give TiE members access to all the amazing benefits offered by TiE at their finger tips. Members can access news, events, search for other members and more.

TrueFinancial™ Technologies continues to disrupt the mobile world with its TrueNative™ mobile technology platform by entering into a 3-year year agreement with TiE Global.  TrueFinancial™ will help TiE Global connect their vast network of entrepreneurs with a new native mobile app called TiE Link.  Being the largest entrepreneurial network in the world with 61 chapters and over 13,000 members in 18 countries, TiE Global has been searching for the right platform to help them evolve their communications to mobile.  

”Having a means of communicating with our 13,000 members in a mobile environment is critical to our continued growth and success,” stated Bridgett Comer Executive Director of TiE Global.  “Engaging with our members in real time will help our chapters communicate important news and events with the touch of a button,” continued Comer.

TrueNative™ brings a unique platform to TiE Global as it was built to help companies communicate instantaneously with their investors and other important stakeholders.  TiE Global will be able to take full advantage of the TrueNative™ channel management system that was developed for the mutual fund industry.  This will allow TiE Global chapters to link together on one platform, allowing chapters to push information out in real-time to their members.  Members will have the option to subscribe to specific channels giving them the opportunity to receive notifications from just one chapter or all of them. 

TrueNative™ is a perfect fit for an organization such as TiE Global, where everyone matters.  The TrueNative™ platform gives TiE Global the functionality and range they otherwise may not have had,” stated Donovan Lazar, CEO of TrueFinancial™ Technologies, Inc.   “This is another opportunity for us to showcase our unique technology beyond investor relations,” Lazar said.

TrueFinancial™ as one of the few companies dedicated to providing a turn-key solution for investor relations and business communication gives TiE Global the ability to continue to brand their organization in a mobile environment.  The TrueNative ™ platform being the most comprehensive in the space will allow TiE Global to build their mobile solutions across Apple, Android and Windows, including all smartphones and tablets.   “While other native mobile technology platforms cover 9/10th of mobile devices today, we spent the time and money to do it right, as 90% coverage is not a solution, and we believe everyone is equally important," said Lazar.

The TiE Link mobile app will help continue the mission of TiE Global, educating their aspiring entrepreneurs.  The TiE Link app will be ready for launch in early September and will be available in the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.  Members and non-members are encouraged to download the app and begin to experience the mobile journey TiE Global is taking.